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All that shimmers.

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This is probably one of my favorite new dress! Teehee! 
Getting ready to head for work! Remember this was the day that we had a long meeting in the morning and by the time it ended, it was already 1.30pm and all of us were famished!!! That's for not having breakfast. Lol! 



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Mini Milk Choc Fingers - Marks and Spencer from Fran


Ztyle of The Day
Black and Cream Tunic: Flaunt Label
Promo:  Join mailing list bef 5 June 2011 to enjoy free registered postage for min 3 pieces of apparels in a single order!
Brown Belt: Far East Plaza
Stud Earrings: Chomel
Watch: Omega

Also, i got myself 2 pairs of earrings from Chomel not too long ago. I wanted simple studs for everyday use and here's one of the pairs that i got! Teehee!

Nice a not!!!! :D

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Got a new camera case from Bobodino!
Cause the current brown one is so dark, i always have a problem finding it! Kudos to striking colored ones! :D :D

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Fits any size of compact camera!



Here's one of my favorite shoots to go to! 
Clothes aside, this owner has a cute baby boy that I spent about half an hour coaxing and got him to allow me to carry! So much fun! :D

Pink Butter Cups has been featured here before, the one that brought us the mini mustard skirt! In this collection, I graced a few similar vibrant skirts from red to green to mustard! There's a cool mixture of work pieces like the knee length skirts as well as a handful of casual tops that we managed to match very well with the work skirts as well. So dual ways to wear them! 

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Anonymous said...

whr did you get your heart shaped necklace frm! =)


Anonymous said...
whr did you get your heart shaped necklace frm! =)

In the post! (: