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My iTouch (:

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Hehe! Here's 2 of the pictures from Chester for our Dress Sense shoot!
Love the red! (:

We did the shoot at the MUA's place! Gotta thank her for lending her the premise as well as helping Melody and I with out hair and makeup (:

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One-Shoulder Silky Chiffon Long Dress from Faviana: Dress Sense
Photography: Chester Tan
Makeup and Hair: Cindy
Dear Assistance from Melody 

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Tons of pictures as I got ready to leave for work! :D :D
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 Ztyle of The Day
The City Chic Dress in Navy: Amelie-Anne
Red Belt: Far East Plaza
Necklace: Tiffany and Co
Gold Bangle: Cotton On
Watch: Omega
Bag: Burberry

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Am a music addict! Am always plucked onto my iTouch the moment I walk out the door. Lol! 
The iTouch was my first present from b (: I know quite a few of you may/have asked why do i have an iTouch when I already own an iPhone. So yeap! I got the iTouch before the iPhone AND it's a gift from my boy.

Anyway, this was the first day of the Transformational Leadership Training! Apparently, Roger commented that I should wear skirts that cover my lower thighs cause my legs are skinny and I look insecure especially when I meet clients lol. I never thought slimmer legs would be a problem till he came along. Hmmmm!

Last but not least, courier came knocking just a few hours ago! :D


Where from?

Hollyhoque! :D :D


Sheila did tell me she's packing a lot for me, i didn't expect this truck load! omg! And them coming in a carton! LOL!


Some of the stuffies that I will be wearing these few days are the Ruches Front 3/4 Sleeves Dress - Butterscotch, V-Neckline Off Shoulder Dress, Bare Shoulders Lace Dress, Oversize Mania Knit Dress, Retro Rewind 3/4 Linen Skirt! Yipppeee doo! :D And the work pants are here too! :D

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Been awhile since Fash Mob been here! Today, they bring us another dainty launch of pastels!
Most of the pieces in this launch are work pieces! Yay for the OLs! :D

My favorites are the grey and pastel pink dress! The pink one has very unique cut out sleeves! Pink and unique sleeves, I want! (: There are also a couple of skirts like the pink chiffon one that I would wear for weekends/dates with my girls! So here we have, a collection for work and play!

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sherlyn said...

Hi Zoe, is the black lace skirt from Fash Mob translucent? love it a lot but i scare that it can be see through..


sherlyn said...
Hi Zoe, is the black lace skirt from Fash Mob translucent? love it a lot but i scare that it can be see through..

Hi Sherlyn! It's okay! (: