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Wavehouse Aftermath!

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excuse the burnt lines

The burns are getting painful, I cant carry my bag on the shoulders without feeling the burning sensation! Haven't had a good night's rest cause I'm still trying to find the best sleeping position so not to feel the pain lol! All for the name of fun! Going back in June, wait for me Wavehouse! :D

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pretty waist details on dress that looks like a belt!

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Outfit of The Day
Bejeweled Mesh Dress: Tokyo Pink
Nude Pink Wedges: Forever 21
Bracelet: Forever 21

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This new pair of wedges has got to be my favorite pair of shoes now!
So happy that it's in my size and sadly the last pair from Vivo's Forever 21. If you are size 8-9, there should be tons left there still! (:

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There's quite a variety of apparels this time round at The Couture Looks. There's quite a number of bodycon dresses like the backless one in coral or grey! I decided to get grey after some consideration! I like both colors! Grey for slimming effect, coral for days you want to stand out and look super cheery!

There's also the usual casual tops and floral dress! I kept the white/blue dress cause it looks really cute and reminds me of being a student. I don't really care if you are gonna say i'm not acting my age cause there are just times where you want to feel like a student once again! (:

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