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Sweet Nothings.

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Hope your weekend was a good one, ladies! The Monday blues may be coming in slowly now, so why not indulge in some shopping therapy to ease the blues? Look at the vibrant shades Love Summer Breezes have got for us, I'm not sure about you but it makes me feel slightly brightened up instantly! :D

There are exclusive items in this launch. That is the peach and navy colored dress! I like the yellow flower i wore with the navy dress heee! Another favorite I brought home is the other navy piece that comes in nude, super versatile; we wore it sleeved or sleeveless!

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outfit of the day:
Criss Cross Lace Panel Dress in gunmetal grey : hollyhoque
pink sandals: Bangkok

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Good hair day! The ends of my hair curled inwards themselves! No need for a curling tong! :D :D
I wish they were like that every every dayyyy!

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We also have got someone new with us today!
I like the name! Hee! When I hear Dollies, i think pink, white, cream! So these are the colors of most apparels! My favorite baby pink comes complete with intricate lace and ruched details! You can never miss the turquoise drape dress, reminds me of what Actress/ Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai, would wear!

Who says work wears can't be girly and sweet? At Dressing Dollies, they bring us working ladies pieces just like that! And yes! The pink backdrop just adds more fun and girly vibe, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

heys, the runched bodycon skirt from the shoot for this post advert, can you kindly share or recall where you got it from? have been looking all over for it! thank you! =)