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Mesh! :D

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Recently very into mesh pieces! :D 
I like the see-through sleeves! Teehee!

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Sixntwelve has a corporate launch this time round! Love the fact that there's another manufactured dress, thick fab material with mesh (There! I did warn you that i'm into mesh recently!) and drapes; a work dress this time round in 4 awesome max colors! If you like loud colors, I suggest Fuchsia or white! For girls who always go for safer solid shades, there's black/navy! And we can't deny the fact that darker colors make us appear slimmer as well! Argh! Such a dilemma now that i'm picking 1 for work!

Also in this launch there's a VIVI- mag style cropped cardigan! Super dainty and demure. What's best is that I can pair it almost any style I want, work or with a pair of shorts for weekends!
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Outfit of The Day:
Bubbles Puff Chiffon Top: Pony Love Loque
Black Shorts: Paper Parcel
Accessories: Forever 21
Belt: Far East Plaza
Sandals: Bangkok

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I have got a few asking me if they can get their hands on the colorful Gatsby strap! I've checked with boyf and sorry but it's limited edition and not for sale ):

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Anonymous said...

Hi Babe,

May I know which camera are you using? I like the image quality of your photos!!! Heez =))


Anonymous said...

hi, can i noe where u purchase the bag u are holding right now?

Anonymous said...


may i know what brand of ur sun glasses?? where can buy de?