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Warm greetings from Dandzelia!

In this collection, they bring us their very own manufactured pieces!
And that's right! 1 of the pieces is the toga top!
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So comfy, definitely the piece to get for school or have it tucked into an office skirt for work!!! (:

Another manufactured piece to look out for is this intricate lace detailed dress i kept!

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Smoked with a thick waist band at waist, we wont even need to bring in a belt for accentuating curves! (:

Besides these 2 awesome Dandzelia label pieces, do look out for these exclusive pieces!
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bandage skirt dress!

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cream dress

Little shirt/dress for a casual day! A high waist skirt does the trick, if you plan to wear it for work!
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Another color i like besides the navy is the one in cream!!! Very dainty!

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A few more casual tops...
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What i like about this top is that it comes in a set of 2! 
Layering tops in the best combination colors.

And then, we also have 2 maxi dresses to watch out for (:
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Freaking princessy huh?

Watch out for the 2 manufactured piece, Sunday 8 PM!


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