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Eyes are like windows to the soul.

Beauty post up ahead!!! (:

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what am i looking at?

A cute little rabbit box! 
But i tell you, its not just an empty shell.

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Its actually a contact lens casing!

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Not just the 2 circled case but a set of contact lens equip!
We have a rubbered-tweezer and a lil container for your solution!

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Bobodino offers us the cutest things ever! They have organisers, notepads, stamps and stickers! Things that make girls go awww! Another item i got from them are stamps! Realllyyy irresistible ones!

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ballerina and fairies for Zoe! 

Had a hard time deciding which to get!!! So i got both! Hahaha!
I have yet to have a go at the stamps! So do visit their sites to see examples and their other offers in the stamps range!!!

If you noticed, i had a different eye makeup on this time round for Leflirtini Shoot!
I had help from my new eyeshadow palette and a shimmer pen.
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B got me this chanel eyeshadow to play! 

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4 smokey colors to play with!!!

I completed the look with shimmery pearl around the eye ducts!

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Doubles as a highlighter on the brow bones!

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Highlighters on brow bones give a 3 dimension effect to the makeup (:
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Next Ave is giving out 3 of these eyeliner pens! All you have to do is to tell me why you need this pen!
Leave your answer on this comment page with your name and email address! (:

Rabbit Lens Case: 

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Anonymous said...

i wana have this pen so i can look have pretty eyes like u! :))


Anonymous said...

Zoe, can you teach us how to apply dark tone eyeshadow?

Rebekah said...


I need this eyeliner pen because I really do depend on shimmer pens to give my eyes a brighter and bigger look as my eyes looks dull and small without makeup :<

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this shimmery pearl eyeliner because it will be able to brighten up my tired eyes :)
It will be especially useful in the morning when I am in a rush and I have to do my makeup as I do not have so much time to pack on layers and layers of concealer on my eyes.
whats's best is that it can double up as a brow bone highlighter which can make my eye pop. ^_^

Name: Shermaine
email add:

Hayley said...

Recently, I've started to venture into full eye makeup! And since i'm having irregular sleeping habits, i always have dull looking pair of eyes.
This highlighter is just what i need for that pair of brighter, wider and attractive eyes~


lynn said...
the reason why i need this eyeliner is i'm searching for this kind of shimmery pen! shiny and glitter is always my love for eye makeup.I think this pen are really very special and i hope i will have a chance to try out this amazing eyeliner pen! My eyes will really become windows to the soul :) thanks!

peilin said...


I never own an eyeliner and so i wan to gif tis a try.


Anonymous said...

huixia (

I've very small eyes with single eyelid. Putting up makeup on my eyes is really difficult. I've tried different brands and types of eyeliner pens and none works well for me. so, i gave up putting on any makeup. :( Hence I really hope to try out this eyeliner pen you've for us!! hoping that i'll be able to create another look for myself with it. :)

Ong Qiu Yue said...

Hi Zoe! :)

Next ave is giving out eyeliners? :)

I'm here to also tell you why i need the eyeliner?

Firstly, i have double eye lid on my left eye and single on my right eye.

Thus, i always have difficulties in drawing the lines above my eyes because i need to even/balance it.

I can't seem to find a right eyeliner so as to make convenience for me. Any recommendations of the eyeliner? Is it good? :)

PS: I always wear eyeliners during special occasion and whatever i'm not lazy. LOL!=x

Thanks! =D

Email address:

Elizabeth said...

I totally need the white eyeliner pen because it would do a good brightening touch up for the last in eye makeup. I hadn't happen to own one and had been wanting to try too! I hope it would help to lighten and brighten up my small + tired eyes!! Oh I needa tryyyy! Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I need the eyeliner pen as I want a va-va-voom effect on my eyes whenever I doll myself up for any events, any place, any time. I really do not have any idea about the application of highlighters on brow bones will give a 3D effect to the whole make-up only till now that I come across this eyeliner pen which Zoe introduces. Moreover, the eyeliner pen doesn't restricts the application to the brow bones but also around the eye ducts!! It seems like a wonder pen!! Not only it seems easy to apply as demonstrated by Zoe, it really does add a 'wow' effect when I saw the close-up picture on the eyes of Zoe's. It brightens up the entire pair of eyes and even enhance the make-up to create an illusion of bigger eyes. This is really good for people with small eyes like me!! Due to my teeny-weeny eyes, I have always love to exaggerate make-up on my eyes with eyeshadows, pencil eyeliner and false lashes to make them look bigger so that I will look more fresh. Now I found the wonder of this product, I believe I will put it to good use and simply adore it to the max. I hope I can add the eyeliner pen to my eye make-up collection so that my eyes will bring out its best beauty as the saying goes, 'the eyes are like windows to the soul'. Having a pair of bright, freshen up, pretty eyes instead of droopy and sleepy eyes is really very important to everyone especially girls!!! I can't wait to use it everyday when I go for work or my perfect date or any occasions!! And I believe I will want to continue using it despite the fact that it will be depleted.

Name: Cindy

Julie said...

So cute !

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,
your recent photoshoot you did for leflirtini, i love the wedge you wore, do you know where can i get the wedges heel?

joann said...

i want this shimmery eyeliner pen because, i've always been using eye shadow to brighten up my eyes and it failed badly. i want to have pretty big bright eyes with this shimmery eyeliner pen. ((:

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

i would love to have this eyeliner pen because as u said, eyes are an individual's assets and eyes are the windows to a person's soul :)
with this eyeliner pen, it can brighten up my eyes and help me to build a rapport with people and communicate better with my loved ones and friends! :)

cheers, sharon :)

Anonymous said...

I have just gone into make-up recently, after friends commented on how dull and tired I look without any makeup. Worst is my super dark eye circles which needs tons of layers of concealer to make me look normal and not panda eyes. I feel this eyeliner pen could help me to brighten up my eyes and boost my confidence more about my looks! :))


Anonymous said...

i wanna this pen so badly coz...

i'm in a LDR with my bf and we only get to see each after a long long time and for awhile coz he's based in the UK.

i would like to have this pen to show him the magic it can do to my very small eyes and get him to fall head over heels with me all over again! (:


Anonymous said...

i want this pen badly because...

i want to impress my bf after not seeing me for so long! (we are in a LDR and he's stationed in UK, so we hardly get to meet each other..would like him to fall head over heels with me again the next time we meet! (: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe

I would love to have this eyeliner because it will really help to brighten up and accentuate the contours of my eyes. I have really small - what they call Asian eyes and recently I've tried 2 eyeliners which didn't work for me, one was too smudgy and the other too thick to draw on.

I'm 22 but have yet to try on make up successfully, hopefully this eyeliner can be of help as I will starting my internship soon. Thanks!

ps hope to have eyes like yours and thanks for sharing how to use it!!


Jaslyn Kimberly said...

I've decided to try out for this cause it'd be really awesome if I do get this eyeliner pen. I'm someone who likes experimenting with my face, especially my eyes. I like to look different, like to play around with my makeup. Sometimes, my eyes tends to get very small so I'd like this makeup, to focus my eye's and beautify it ;)


Anonymous said...

Zi Hui (

Having a dark skin complexion makes my usual eye makeup dull. Given the chance, I hope to freshen up my overall look with next ave’s eyeliner pen! :)

Anonymous said...

hello zoe!

i shall tell you why i need this wonderful eyeliner yea!
i need this eyeliner pen because my eyes is really really small and i never go out with my naked eyes. ;( My poly mates always call me missy small eyes! I've tried other brands and types of eyeliner, one thing i don't like is it smudge and doesnt last for long hours. By having this, i can have a pair of brighter, bigger and attractive eyes that stands out of the crowd! Which girls doesnt want to look pretty on themsleves?! hahahahahha! agree zoe?! (:

Also, what special abt this eyeliner is it can double up as a brow bone highlighter that will give a 3D effect. Sound cool? WOW! i would like to try this out and i trust what you recommended to us! (:



Anonymous said...

Why I need the eyeliner pen? Simply because I trust your judgment...I still remember your advertorial of KISS ME, I bought the mascara and it is my favourite mascara so far!! :)
I believe that this time you will intro us another fabulous eyeliner!! :)
So,I will definitely lucky if I can have the eyeliner and pls pls teach us the trick to use it?? :)
Thank you!!

Lesley here and my email

Anonymous said...

All girls need is Next Ave's eyeliner pens, to have pretty awesome eyes :D

Anonymous said...

I can't live without shimmery pen. Every morning, i always have puffy eyes which make my eyes look abit swollen. I have my contact lens on, but it doesn't seem to help much. Therefore, i always use a shimmer pen which acts as a "eye brightener" tool. Its make my eye looks bigger. Now i have no worries for my puffy swollen eyes. So i need this shimmery white pen badly! I need to use it every single day! (:


Anonymous said...

Hope Next Ave can give me a sample of shimmer pen to try out like how they gave it to you! ;p


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe!

Why do I want Next Ave shimmery pearl eyeliner because I have being searching for one and really hope to try this recommendation of your! (Your recommendation never fails me! Eg the Kiss Me long and curl mascara is my love!)

I love experimenting with my eyes as I believe eye makeup is the most important makeup of the whole face as eyes are like windows to the soul and definitely bring out the best out of you!

And and and I simply love shiny and glitter for my eye makeup as it gives me a 3D effect and hence enhancing and brighten my eyes! Woo! Can’t wait to try on this out and add on to my collection of eye makeup! Thanks =)



Anonymous said...
Zoe, can you teach us how to apply dark tone eyeshadow?

Pls see posts worth reading dear! I did a short post on applying eyeshadows there! (:


Anonymous said...
Hi Zoe,
your recent photoshoot you did for leflirtini, i love the wedge you wore, do you know where can i get the wedges heel?

Hello! Its Jacq's and she got it from Aldo! (:

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe babe:)

Im a frequent and loyal reader of your blog and i love all the beauty recommendations from you, like the Heroine Liquid Eyeliner, Cleansing Express Makeup Remover, thedesignclosets, leflirtini, are all one of my favorite beauty items/sites now. (THANK YOU!)

Actually, i wear spectacles (with minimal eye makeup) most of the time as im not confident enough to wear contact lenses after so many years. But in less than two weeks time, it'll be my BF & my third-year anniversary and i want to try to wear contact lenses again, just for him.

I believe this shimmery pearl eyeliner cum brows highlighter will be a nice final touch-up to my makeup process, with all the makeup tips from you! I want to sweep him off his feet again, like i did three years ago..:)

Thus, i'll need your help here, to obtain one of this fabulous eyeliner to try out! Thanks Zoe babe and of cos Next Ave, for collaborating to benefit girls like us! :D

Name: Jaye:)

Anonymous said...

Like what Zoe mentioned, I could not agree more that the eyes are the window to the soul. A big, shimmery eye, with a pop effect would naturally gain the attention of passer-bys.

Firstly, I would like to thank Zoe for her recommendation, but I honestly understand why Zoe raves so much about this product. I used to have this shimmery pen before, and needless to say, I am totally in love with this product!

Even though, I used to have this product as part of my eye make-up procedure, I did not know that this shimmery pen can be use to highlight the brow bone, I only use it to on my lower eyelid by gently stroking it. (So again, thanks Zoe for your awesome blog post (: )

The shimmery pen is really easy to use because I only have to gently stroke the tip of the shimmery pen on my lower eyelid and the product will leave a shimmery mark on my eyes. The shimmery pen is of the same size of any other pen that you use for writing, which means that it’s rather convenient to carry it around, anytime, anywhere you go!

However, I was rather disappointed because this product is not retailing outside any boutique or store, therefore making it hard for me to purchase it when my shimmery pen were used up. If I am not wrong, only people who conduct sprees manage to have the pen on their hands. After finishing 2 shimmery pens, I am satisfied with the results but could no longer find this product online anymore. I guess, people stop bringing in products like this as they think that the trend for big shimmery eyes has already fade.

I must say, I was extremely surprised that I saw Zoe’s post because Nextave is giving away 3 shimmery pens to 3 lucky people. I sincerely hope that I am one of the lucky few to have big shimmery eyes all over again.


Anonymous said...

COOL! All along i used eyeshadow to do the under-eye part & i was wondering why i couldn't get the same effect as yours. THAT'S THE REASON! Cos you are using the special eye thingy!
I really wished i could own one but i'm having a super tight budget now. ): Bought tooo much clothes from the blogshops you recommended & modeled in. ):
IN SHORT, let me own one pretty please.. :D hehe.

<3 dawn(:

P.S i know chances are minimal but just trying it out. *wink

Anonymous said...

Eyes is our everything. W/o this pair of eyes, i will not be able to see beautiful things, most importantly is this post u're writing about and also explains why i'm trying my luck to c if i'm the lucky one to get the pen to doll up my lovely eyes. Thanx