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Gatsby Promoters Opening

I'm not sure if you been to Watsons recently!
If you have, you would have seen the new displays and even a LCD TV set of the adverts playing!
Or if you are a student at our local polytechnic, you would have seen promoters giving out wonderful samples! You might be one of the many that received a bag!

All these because the new Gatsby campaign is up and running!
For this, i have a promo job for the girls having their school holidays! (:

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I need 10 girls for a promoting stint in the weekends of June.
  1. Sales Experienced GIRLS
  2. Dare to approach customers! (which means not the shy shy kind la!)
  3. Presentable looking.
The budget is not high for this event but there's an attractive commission.

1st 2 weekends of June (2-4 days in total)
11AM/12PM - 9 PM

Drop 2 pictures, list of sales experiences and most importantly your name and contact number to by 25th May 2010! (:

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Anonymous said...

May i know how will you notify us if we are being chosen?
what if I send my application on thurs and have not receive a reply from you? Does that mean i am not chosen already??