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Grandma is sick ):

Some pictures with Dad and Zonia while waiting for the lift. Went to visit Grandma who was warded cause her red blood cells are too low. An average person's blood count would be 12. But Grandma's count is a mere 5.5. The docs will be giving her blood transplantation to bring up the blood count to prep her for a series of scope. Poor Grandma.

Grandma's been losing alot of weight, prob cause Grandpa and Dad had health problems and its tough to cope with such stress. She has been losing a total of 8 Kg for the past 3 months? And her blood count has been dropping slowly, constantly without us seeing any significant change. We reckon its cause she has been coping well with the drop and there wasn't any plunge in blood count and so Grandma didnt portray the usual signs such as giddy spells and breathlessness.

Grandma all alone in the huge ward, makes me feel upset. I wish to be by her side. I remember how she took care of Zonia and i when we were young, sending and picking us up from school. Making us yummy meals and taking us to shop.

Get well soon, Ah Ma.
. . .

Playing with the cap in Grandma's ward.

Bought this cap online from US which just arrived last week, but gave it to Daddy cause it looks really good on him!

Took the sweet scene of my parents as we walked back to the car. My parents always hold hands when they are out. Its a really heartwarming scene, dont you think? (:

A few more pictures before i say Good Night?

P/s: I have got oneeee last paper to mug for! Buyer behavior! Can't wait for Monday to come and gooo!!!!

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Meli said...

Hi, hi!
lol, I am your new stalker
Hope your Grandma gets well soon, hun.. your mum and dad are soo cute <3 I hope I'll be this way with my bf when we get married too: it's heart-warming! (:
Good luck for your exams!

haney said...

hello. wher did u brought the black lace top .?


Hey Meli! Thanks for the well wishes! (:


Haney dear! (: The credits are at the end of each post!

As for the black laced top, is a manufactured piece from! Really awesome top!!!