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Digged my old photos and found this picture which was on Channel 8 for Pantene!
Which was a year ago?


Tuesday's my first paper of my last semester of my Marketing Degree. Gotta work hard to clear 5 modules.

And yes, i'm relying on this from Ettusais! The acne serum from the recent posts!

It really minimizes and clears my poppies! Go into our webbie and look for diligent Ettusais White Serum Dual Effect. A must have for mugging periods! HEH!

I'm off to bed, tomorrow will be another mugging day.
Gooooood Night!!! (:

Hugs and kisses. I will reply the tags tomorrow yeh!
Pinky promise! HEHE!

On a lighter note, if you have been following my facebook, you will know that i'm gonna start gyming, gotta have my arms and thighs toned up.

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