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Nail post
You can do it yourself!

Ettusais gave us a few bottles of nail colors and decided to share how to DIY! (:

Picture taken at the Cleo shoot in June!
If you missed it, here's the Post.

I digged out the bottles, and realised they have dried up a little cause i haven't been using them for months! Do any of you girls always find your nail colors drying up, and end up throwing them away?

Keep them!!!! Here's a method that works really well.

Gather all the bottles that are too thick or drying.

Get ready a cup of water from your flask.
Soak them into hot water for awhile (:

My method is for girls who do not want to head to the shopping centre just for a nail thinner! I always have this sudden "inspiration" to doll up my nails lah.

Another alternative is getting a bottle of nail thinner from stores like Aries or Chameleon.


Just 3 simple steps!

Finish of by applying 2 layers of top coat! (:



Just 3 simple steps to doll up your nails! (:

P/s: I don't really practice often, so i'm sure you girls can do better! As for the french tips, it might be abit hard to do it freehand, some tape could be of help! Paste tape over the nail area which you do not want white nail color to be on. When the french tips are dried, tear off the tape slowly (:

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