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Zoe's Sunday Scoops (5)

“The house has far too many temptations, like TV, internet, bed… so I can’t study at home. But the library is always packed with people and King Albert Park Macdonald’s is too noisy. The Starbucks at the shopping centre doesn’t allow studying…What should I do??”
Has this dilemma ever bothered you?

Find yourself wandering to place after place, trying to find a suitable spot to mug, do your project, or just spend a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a good book?

Now fret no more! I discovered a really secret little place that is cozy, comfortable, and best of all, quiet!

And yes, it’s actually the world’s famous coffee chain, Starbucks (: Oh but Zoe mentioned earlier that most Starbucks don’t allow people to study? But yes this one certainly does!

The outlet is situated at:
Fusion polis -
No. 1 Fusionopolis Way
Singapore 138632
Tel: 6469 8761

Beautiful building huh! (:

This place is packed on weekdays, but absolutely deserted during weekends so it’s a safe haven for you to chill out with your friends, read your magazine, or do your own study for the dreaded exams without having to deal with the noise of pre-pubescent teens or having someone next to your table waiting for you to finish your latte and getting up from your seat.

The only catch is that the place is so deserted the nearest MRT station is a good 10 minutes walk away, so some form of alternative transport might be needed to reach this place. But if what you really need is a dose of tranquility, it’s well worth the trouble!

Snacks i got there from my last mugging!

Those who need some snacks as extra fuel for their mugging might want to head down to Jason’s Marketplace at the basement level where there’s a wide array of snacks, including my favorite Japanese tidbits! (:

If you’re sick of Starbucks and you’re looking for something more exotic or unique, there’s also Black Canyon Coffee, a famous coffee chain that originated from Bangkok. Or if you’re in the mood to reward yourself with some good food after a long day of mugging, you might want to try Koryo Korean restaurant located on the second floor. For those who want something light, there’s also Soup Spoon!

Do consider this place as an alternative the next time you need a quiet place!

Here's a map of
Fusion polis -

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