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Photoshoot with Winnie, Channelle and Michelle

Thanks jimmy (:


In the car to a shoot on a Sunday morning. BOOHOO!

Din take pics with the other 3 girls as we dint have a break. 2nd BOOHOO!

Thanks B for sending me there! (: Super early i was so afraid i couldn't get up. Haven done group shoots for the longest time!

The 3 other girls who was at the shoot too! (:


Some of the pictures i received/found!

credit: jimmy

I love the color of my hair! Remember me blogging that i went to change to a lighter shade? (: HEHE! Girls, can make your appt with Von @ 92995052. Just mention you're a friend of mine, you get 10% off any hair services! (:

Von who is a senior hair stylist, charges $40$50 for a haircut for females at Holland V's Mad Salon! (Before 10%)


And i was watching the news on CNA and i decided to share it here cause its rather amusing in a way.

The body of slain model Jasmine Fiore was so mangled, it had to be identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants, a spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney tells


Credits to for the pretty black dress! (:

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