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Miss Queenie (Tshirts)

(I always snack in lectures! HEHE!)

Been wearing tshirts to school!

I nyomo Pictures, Images and Photos tshirts!

Starting to love them!

cat fight Pictures, Images and Photos
Nope! Not cat fight!

HEHE! I brought my little kitty to join in the pictures today! (:
It was a gift when i was in Secondary School!

I remember its from Dorrain even!

I love my wallpaper! Same color as my kitty and my tshirt! HAHA! nyomo Pictures, Images and Photos

This is Miss Queenie Tshirt Edition post! (:

I think it looks like Heart balloon!

Photobucket Miss Queenie

Visit Miss Queenie.

Taiwan apparels prices ranging from as low as $33 for 2 pieces can be found here!


Thanks Kitty! (:

blinking flower heart Pictures, Images and Photos
P/s: Hope advertorials done in this matter is less boring! Please feedback! (:

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