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Zoe Raymond|Fitness & Yoga|Beauty & Fashion

Yay! (:

Pris and En came to support at my Garage Sale on Sunday! (:

Here's a picture in my email from my garage saleeee. Thanks Ruby! (:


Did i mention that i planned a meetup with Sheila from HH to get my picks from her past 3 collections? (:

If i didnt mention. I met her on Sunday at AMK Hub to get my loots!

And i wore it out, the day after! HAHA!

Here's the simple yet pretty piece specially manufactured for her customers and friends!

There! Her pretty logo is up on this piece! (:
So preeettyy! (:

Photobucket Holly Hoque

Frequent updates of self manufactured pretty pieces! A place that takes care of a girl's wants and needs.

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