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Ettusais Body Care

After a long day at the hospital, i look forward to a good bath. Introducing the newest addition into my Ettusais collection-

Medicated Acne Aroma Body Wash!

This is how it looks like!

Its fluffy foam and floral fruity scent (rose, jasmine, apple,
peach & pear) helps to invigorate my senses, and leaves both mind and body
feeling refreshed and totally relaxed.

The smooth, clear formula is gentle yet amazingly keeps your skin blemish
free at all times. Not just your face, but the entire body will be kept clean, fresh
and acne-free, giving you ultimate confidence of your body, you'll definitely feel more confident with a body like this!

After mybath, i will follow up with the

Medicated Body Whitening Mist

The whitening mist helps to brighten up my skin and also lightens and get rid of blemishes
and prevents pimples! Plus, it prevents acne as well!

Packaged in a spray can, it's definitely more convenient for oneself! It beats having to apply on my own back, which is like so hard to reach!

So that's all for this Ettusais post!
Go to the store now and try it! (:

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