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Daiso Trip! (:

I made a trip down to Daiso to get some storage boxes for my new room! (:
Daiso really has everything. If there's anything you need, just head to Daiso and you can find it, for sure!

Look at what i found? Banana Holder. This is madness.
WAHAHA! Will someone buy this just to keep their banana?

Here's are what i got!

Containers for panties!

If you are a really messy person, and don't like to fold your panties, consider investing in these containers, you can just stuff them into each compartment. And each compartment can hold about 2-3 panties, depending on type of undies (:

For my belts (:

For my blink earrings!
(After taking this picture, i realised my hair curler head looks like a dildo! HAHA!)

Took a long time to find the suitable container for my earrings. I wanted small individual compartments to hold each pair of earrings. Figured it will be neater and easier to find!

Swept up all 3 accessories containers which was left on the shelf.

Managed to put some necklaces into the containers as well!

& lastly,
"Dream Palace" Dustbin!

This bin will fit my wallpaper which will be done some time next week!
Princessy! (:

Next trip will be to Ikea to get some boxes to store those barang barang! (:

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