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Week of events!

Worked for Chris for Ad tech. As i said, he's such a nice boss. He gets the hot water from Food Republic cause the air con was killing me. I sit at the booth for the whole 8 hours and get paid.

All i had to do was to brief and bring patrons to his booth. HEHE! (:

And on the 2nd day of work, he had to meet a minister at Cineleisure. I wasnt left at the booth. Had a ride in his car to Cineleisure, shopped around while he went for meeting.

So niceeeeee right!
And paid right after work!


Zoe's birthday with her darlings! (:
i finally met them.

After com asia, met them at Tampines! Been awhile since i went to tampines. How can i forget we used to hang out there every day after classes!

We had cheese for dinner. AHAHAHA! I mean Pizza Hut! HEHE! (:

I'm a cheese freak!

We are.

No, just me, jing and Junrong!

Look at the card they made me! The best gift of all lah!
So much effort to make this done! GOSH! (:

Diana. Pris and Jing (:

End of this post with a picture with En (:

She got me a pretty dress in a paper bag! Filled with LOVE. She colored the paper bag herself!

I have really artistic friends!

And i'm the art student, not them!

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