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Milly Walker! (:

More pictures to share! (:

We reckon this looks like a picture i will bring for a pantene casting!

Great Singapore Sale! (:

All sale items are already after 50% discount (Wow!), but wait, you can get more discount if you purchase any 2 pcs with the same Example, A788 is selling at sale price $17.00 and A790 is is selling at sale price $16.00. Both A788 and A790 have a SALE CODE "2pcs for $30.00". So you save another $3.00 for A788 and A790.

You can mix and match the items with the same SALE CODE.

Here are a few of the nice pieces in their SALE COLLECTION!!!!

Photobucket Milly Walker

A place to go when you want to be different.

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