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I miss Grandpa

Exams are over! Woots! (:

Yesterday after the last paper, headed to town with Rach to get our nails done. Dint have time to get my fingers doneeee ):

Probably doing it later.
Heading out to meet Sheila now for hair! She's fickle minded; soft rebond or soft perm!

Perm cause; Jy loves her curls! So sweet eh! (:

For concern friends, my Grandpa is still in Mount E and due to the current situation. On top of a virus which my Grandpa got due to an open wound on his nose (TTS nurses failed to mend to abbressions caused by long hours on the mask!) Really made my family mad.

We had hired a private nurse who attends to my Grandpa at nights. Mount E, a private hospital doesn't have as many nurses on duty compared to Govt hospital. Going over to visit Grandpa on Friday.

Grandpa's condition is bad, actually. But Grandma and him are in the dark.

Please pray for him. Please.

Thank you.

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