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Purest of Pain

"Purest of Pain"
I'm sorry I didn't mean to call
but I couldn't fight it
I guess I was weak and couldn't even hide it
and so I surrender just to hear your voice

I know how many times I said I'm gonna to live with out you
and maybe someone else is standing there beside you
but there's something baby that you need to know
that deep inside me I feel like I'm dying
I have to see you it's all that I'm asking.

Vida, give me back my fantasies
the courage that I need to live
the air that I breathe
carino mio, my world becomes so empty
my day's are so cold and lonely
and each night I taste
the purest of pain.

I wish I could tell you I'm feeling better every day
that it didn't hurt me when you walked away
but to tell you the truth I can't find my way
and deep inside me I feel like I'm dying
I have to see you it's all that I'm asking.
Vida, give me back...

My lil cousin. We were supposed to go for family dinner at Kopitiam at the Hospital. But she pulled me and said we go down first! And dragged me to 7-11 to get her sweets!

Been going to the hospital everyday. Grandpa is still in the intensive ward. He still needs the mask on to control his C02. The doctors tried removing the mask, but after 4 hours. Grandpa will feel breathless and needs it back on. It's so bad that he will ask me to "Don't call me" when i called Ah gong. It would be in pain and gasping for air.

It hurts so badly; even more when i had to looked up to try to hold back my tears. Grandpa was frustrated when he's in pain. He figids in bed and the look on his face; unforgettable.

Grandpa was naughty and kept wanted to remove the C02 mask on the first 2 days. Cause it was uncomfortable and tight. But now, he knew it is good for him. He asked for it. I felt somewhat relief. The mask is such a uncomfortable piece it cause abrasions on his nose. And Grandpa's eyes are now swollen from it. Yet, he's still not complaining.

Doctors decided to keep the mask on, since Grandpa's condition showed that he's dependable on the C02 release mask. But they lowered the intake to its minimal. Which should show whether Grandpa is progressing or not.

We decided to print some pictures for Grandpa, hopeful to cheer him up and encourage him to be good and hang on!

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