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Ettusais Daytime Defense Powder!

My bestie, En called me just the other day to ask me about Ettusais' foundation. Whether she should get the loose powder OR the Zero Pore pact.

Okay, I'm Guilty.
Cause i do not know about Ettusais's loose powder. It made me feel bad cause my friend, came to me for advice, knowing I am the Ettusais's ambassador. And yet i could not give her the answer to her question.

But, not anymore! (:

Here's it baby! And for ALL the pretty babes who's here NOW!

Ettusais Daytime Defense Powder Extra!

1. (I NEED TO) Start with the pretty casing that acts as a mirror!
2. The super good skin care benefits that comes with the excellent coverage!!
3. Self Defense Beauty Class with Ettusais!!!

The case acts as a mirror. Just look at the under sides of my nails reflected on the casing! Ahh this is a must have for Vainies! (Yes, like myself!)

Just like Ettusais' star blusher, this powder uses the application of a puff too!

Ettusais Daytime Defense Powder- Benefits!

Away from the physical appearance! Just like the saying goes;
"Beauty is only skin deep, its the substance in a person that matters. Ultimately"

I believe it's the same to make up products. It's the ingredients that weigh eventually.

Daytime Defense Powder, just like the other products from Ettusais serves skincare benefits. You might ask "What?", "Are you sure", "How can it be, makeup is just makeup. Powder just makes one's skin look flawless!"

With Ettusais, You're wrong.

Daytime Defense Powder has a star skincare ingredient called AC control Oil that fights and suppresses acne bacteria growth. Plus, it gives an impressive coverage that reduces appearance of pores and blemishes!

Ettusais has been carrying this facepowder for 5 years! So this is not a new product, but a new formula!

And lastly, here are the colors available! (:

Click to navigate to Ettusais base care page (:

ZOE'S REVIEW ON Ettusais' Daytime Defense Powder extra ultra-fine powder particles smooth on easily like a thin veil; gives me an excellent coverage and keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day. I do not have to worry that my powder runs from doing an event roadshow!

I'm sure this is the primary concern of many girls (:

Above this, Daytime Defense Powder which contains pearly ingredient actually gives my skin a glowy finish!

On a lighter note, for girls who have oily skin and tend to need to whip out foundation cases OR search your bag for facial blotters every few hours, Ettusais has something catered for you!

Ettusais's Medicated Acne Sheer Matte Powder, almost colorless. There's now 2.5 TIMES MORE sebum absorbing powder, it keeps skin smooth and Matte (no longer oily and non sticky) throughout the day and MAKEUP LASTS LONGER TOO! (:

REVIEW: Zoe loves this cause I do not have to keep reapplying and reapplying my foundation to get rid of the oil on my Tzone areas! I hate it when my makeup goes cakey by 3/4 in the day!

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