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Decided to blog about how i started events!.

So here goes;


A push from my Auntie, i joined The New Paper New Face 2007. Even though I didn't get into the final 20, i met new friends.

Some of them were already in events industry. Popular and hot, such as Winnie & Huirong. I got to know Belinda, who was with Spireworks then. She gave me the opportune- my very first event. That's Games Convention 2007- Nokia. (I also remembered how i failed at my first casting for GCA Asiasoft) I guess i was inexperienced and fresh then.

Till date, i have to say that GCA 07 is my best event ever. Other than Spike and Juan, the rest of us were new in the line. That's where i got to know Emi, the 176cm tall babe who's now in the same class as me at SIM! Slowly i ventured into photoshoots, keen to improve myself.

These 2 pictures are by ben (right above) and Chester.

These were my very first 2 amateur shots. And many of my friends loved these 2 pictures! I went on to getting more smses from girlies i met at work on castings and got a few more events.

I was then very happy to be able to work for Sony as it was deemed as the "best brand" to work for, for IT shows. And of course, thanks Corde. I won't forget it was through your help! (:

A picture with Peggy at Sony.

At a Toshiba launch with a guy model. And again, Cordelia got me this job (:


I managed to tie up with Brandon Chang who's works i totally adore!

He shot a different side of Zoe.

From then, i felt a oomph in my portfolio coming. I worked hard.

I didnt get into Sony for the IT show, but i was very glad Nikon hired me. I managed to get Huirong into the job as well and we had so much fun working and having toilet breaks. I remember Huirong's favorite spot. She can never stop repeating that! Right, girl? (:

A picture from Giant Stars; Giant Hyper mart and Mediacorp. I met so many new friends once again (:

Did a couple of Golf events. And this one's for Tiger @ Barclays! I love Xiaowei. We wanted duo shots, we put self timers on benches just to get those pictures!

I did more shoots. With Chester, he has become Zoe's official photog? HEHE!
I love his works. It's different. He said he doesnt want smiley cutesy Zoe. Cause there are alot of those which i cant FIGHT!

He wants sensual Zoe! AWW!

And Emi wanted shots too! And we shot together with Chester! (:

It was so fun! She's such a darling!

And i managed to work for Nokia again in 2008 (:

Thanks Keith! (:

Did a event for Mocca. And i almost flipped when i saw the short tube and short skirt. It was so bad, i wanted to leave the job! Desiree and I finally met at this show!

Did Singapore Bikers Week with thanks to Hannah for the job (:
I met new friends.

Thanks Angel, for being my listening ear.

Joined Miss Veet!
Managed to get the title: Miss veet desirable! (:

Worked for Gatsby at their dance competition held at Zouk. I was based at the VIP room. And all i can remember was it was a bad, cold night.

AND!!! Ettusais!
So lucky to be one of the 10 ambassadors for Ettusais for 2009 (:

Bike Asia 2009!

Met Sindy, who's the hot cover girl i was so eager to meet! We sms and all! But we never seen one another! Bike Asia brought us togetherrrr! HAHA!

Did 2 print shoots with Joanna! (:

Wedding and Lifestyle and Motor Culture!

Thats all for my 2009! HAHA! Gotta MUG! (:

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Lydia said...

Hi, what is your height? :) I would like to go for photoshoot too in the years to come!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, I am considering talking about the same in my blog.