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Sweet Marble!

Presenting Ettusais' TWO very new products! The sweet marble lip gloss and blusher!

Showed the actual pieces to my uni mates and they love it so much, they want to get their hands on them already!

Love the swirly swirls of the new products!!!

I'm using the lip gloss in BE 4. Super natural shade! I have pinky lips already, so all i need is some natural gloss and it'll look pretty already!

The pad is actually the cap below the blusher!

The super famous blusher which comes with the puff pad! (:
I got PK 5! Sweet pink! (: The frictionless puff makes applying blusher extra gentle. And the formula is ultra skin-loving too, don’t have to worry if you have blemish-prone or sensitive skin!

The goodness about our blusher is; its of ULTRA fine texture that glides on your skin to create an even finish. In each blusher, there are 3 colors.

1st color: The base color to complement our natural skin tone
2nd color: Color pigments that blend well with the base color to create a radiant glow (in this case, pink for me!)
3rd color: Pearly particles (the silverish thin swirls) that completes our cheeks with slight shimmer!

And babes, if you were to notice those swirly swirls in the lip gloss? And wonder if the colors will mix together and a single tone will be attained eventually. YOU'RE WRONG! I've tried it. Twirling the lip gloss stick all around, it DOES NOT mix like other swirly products.

So a definite rest assured. Your lipgloss will still look pretttyyyy even after regular usage!
How nice huh!

Get them in stores today!!!!! (:

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