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Ettusais Review! ♥

Do you remember me writing up a post on Ettusais' trial kit, sometime back? (:

It's okay if you don't! Read on for the detailed "How to do"!
And if you have seen this, scroll to the end of this post to see my review after 2 months of usage!(:

Ettusais trial facial basic care (:

Three simple steps to go about;
1. Wash
2. Prep
3. Moisturize

The reason behind why it's in a soap foam is; it forces you to lather well. Otherwise i bet all of you hardly lather your foam if it doesn't come in this form. You'll end up lathering it on your face, which is actually very drying!

The rich, creamy lather will minimize friction to delicate skin.

Cover entire face with lather.

Start with t-zone as that's the oiliest then go to your cheeks then rinse!

(Zoe does it for about 30 seconds)

Rinse off with generous amount of water.

After drying face, dispense 2 drops into palm and apply to entire face including your eye area. Once again, massage gently.

Dispense 2 drops onto cotton pad and gently pat onto skin.

1. Each wash increases the skin's resistance to pimples.

2. Skin absorbs acne skin version up moisturizer quickly, penetrates into the skin to protect it from dryness and pimples.

3. Moisturizer controls sebum, retains moisture and combats acne outbreaks!

The whole process takes ONLY around 7 minutes?

And if you realize, in Ettusais, there're no toners but they have softerners instead (Version Up).


Our skin is "hydrophobic", i.e. it can't absorb moisture on its own! So what's the point of applying moisturizers? With a softerner, it softens the outermost layer of your skin so that it is moisture absorbent! Also, toners can be rather harsh on skin as they tend to contain alcohol which dries out skin.


Zoe have used this formula for about 2 months already! And am now on the actual set!!! And the actual set has an improved formula.

The new Skin Version Up EXTRA (Softening Lotion) is now less sticky and penetrates deeper into skin so results can be seen faster! That's not all! Ettusais' has enhanced anti-blemish formula that fights and prevents acne bacteria AND enhanced softening of skin formula prevents worsening of existing acne!

The new Aqua Shooter EXTRA (Moisturizer) can help fight acne bacteria from deep within the skin!

The results are great. My skin around my laugh lines, mouth are always dry to the extent that they peel. I've seen results after using Ettusais acne skin version up moisturizer daily. It really moisturizes my skin well.

Interested to learn more?

Click to navigate to Ettusais skincare page (:

Say hello to clear fresh skin! (:

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