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This is going to be a RED post! (: ♥♥♥

Valentine's Day is just days away!

Guys: Have you bought a lovely bouquet of roses for your girl?
Girls: Have you planned that breathtaking moment for your guy?

Yes, girls are involved too! This is 21st century! (: Who says it's a guy's work to plan for February 14!

Zoe has just the one stop station for you! The Secret Rose. There, there's beautiful and REASONABLE pricing bouquets. There, there's performances tailored to your needs! Are you thinking what Zoe means by performances?

Singers to play that special love song that brought you and your partner together. Musicians to play that soft melody while you have your candlelight dinner.

Fear not that there isn't enough time to do the planning! Call The Secret Rose and talk to them! (At least 3 days in advance) They will help you in the planning AND customization of the bouquets! (We all know how guys are clueless about making the day special! HEHE!)

Damn good huh!

Photobucket The Secret Rose

Bouquets of flowers and live performances to cater to your wants!

Let this Valentine's Day be an unforgettable experience.

Aunt Julie scanned these for me!
Had fun with Jojo and Kit @ Fashion bar! Thanks Eleganz and Albert for the opportunity! (:

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