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Giant Shoot ♥

Matthew called me down for a Giant shoot yesterday! (:

Quite a quick shoot!

Soooo happy to meet Andy as well as Zhao na who was the MUA! (:

This is super unlike Zoe!

Giant Star 2008 winner! (:
Charlyene was 07 contestant!

This lil boy is super cute, i tell you!

He told his Mommy that he's shy when he comes to unfamiliar places! So he was all quiet and sulky! BUT, when his mommy says: "Remember the mentos in my bag?".

He will smile shyly! He took awhile to warm up when it was his turn! Photog, Matthew, crew and us cheered him on! He was on the ball!

Smiling, waving, even pretending to walk side ways! (:


He's Matthew, the in-charge for Giant! We were directly under him during the competition

Have you spent your Valentine's Day with the one you love?

Happy Valentine's Day!♥♥♥

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