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April 13!


New blogshop decided to advert on bbabyprincess! This time is April 13! (:

Here are some of my favorites from their latest Collection! (:

The model is 1.68m. Maxi dresses looks great on both towering girls and petite ones okay! (:

In Zoe Manzi’s Daily Mail article, "Maxi dresses – the must-haves this summer "(05/14/07), she advises shorter women to “avoid being drowned by your maxi by making sure your dress is well cut and in proportion with your petite frame. Keep things fitted up top and avoid an overly voluminous skirt.”

"To stop a full, long skirt from swamping you, teem it with chunky heels and a fitted waistcoat." is the fashion advice from In Style magazine, UK Edition April 2007.

THERE! Proven! (:

Kimono dress/tops are so pretty. They suit every girl! (:

Want it sexy, pair with heels.
Want it casual, strap on the sandals! (:

Photobucket April 13

A place where you can find Maxi dresses, Kimonos, versatile dresses and jumpers.

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