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Zoe has closed the spree for Go Jane and Victoria Secrets! But, should be opening another one next month?

Check this space okay! (:

Story to share;

Zoe is taking her practical driving lessons already @ Ubi. Staying at Bt timah now, Ubi is FAR! Luckily, there's a direct bus there. But there's a distance i have to walk to the driving centre. I had to cross quite a huge road of 4 lanes in all to get over to the other side.

I stopped at Airport Road bus-stop. Crossed to the middle and waited to cross. Black Honda car honked at me when i first crossed the road. I was thinking, just ignore. So i ran to the middle and waited for the other side's traffic to clear. AMAZINGLY, the black honda car actually U-turned and waited there. Honked again and even wolf whistle. What the hell. Luckily, CDC is on the opposite direction where he stopped his car. I was thinking, "Heng one way road."

Walked quickly to CDC, just as i reached the Main Gate, i see a very familiar Honda. SAME CAR. That bloody guy winded down his window- honked, whistle, bending over to the passenger seat from the driver's seat. Wa lao. I took a glance and CONFIRMED i do not know him. Just 3 seconds later, a L plate CDC learner honked at him to drive off! Its so narrow at the road there and he dared stopped his car there. And i think we all know L plate learners should never honk! HAHA!

I met a stalker.

If you couldnt understand, here's an illustration. (Bad art student)

Starting from the top of the picture. Zoe alighted from the bus (bus stop). Car drove pass and honked when i was crossing to the middle. Waited for traffic to clear to cross the other 2 lanes. Car U-turned and stopped at the far bottom left of the picture. Zoe crossed the road diagonally and walked to CDC which is on the opposite direction.

Green patch is the Grass lah! HAHA (:

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