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Sorry Zoe haven been blogging! She has been staying over at her Grandma's. No internet, no laptop!

Gatsby, styling dance competition event! (:

Jojo worked with me, as well as Esther and another 7 gorgeous babes. Waiting for the group pictures!

I wanted Kobayashi for lunch on saturday!
Jojo says im a pig. I ordered alot!

Freebies! (: even though it was Gatsby (guy wax) event. They got Lucidol L products for us!

I wore this dress from Shopping Empire 823 (link on affiliates) to work that day! (: Fareast selling a rather similar paper cut dress at $89.90!

Next up,
Closure to Miss Veet 2008! Congrats to Ashley, Minyi and Gwen for attaining the top 3 respectively.

Zoe, got Miss Desirable! HEHE! (:
Thanks Jojo, Jurgen, Albert from Eleganz, Eugene, Alvin for coming down to support! And of course, Hearts (:

I love Gwen. (And of course Ashley). Been so fun spending so much time with them! Ooh, we love to sing! And Gwen sings real good!

Will do up the pictures tomorrow!

Meanwhile, please visit:

They have makeup tips to share! (:
Watch the video! You could spot many familiar faces there!

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