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*New blog song! Thanks Chester! (:
I sang it for my talent segment!

Miss Veet 2008 Standout Challenge!
It all started out when Jojo and Corde scouted me @ Fareast. Filled up the form and slowly after, managed to get into top 10.

Event held at Fashion Bar (Just did a shoot there!)

As we din have alot time during the show, i dont have alot of pictures! Managed to take pictures of our backstage! (That's if you're interested)

Our outfits taken at fitting were pasted on the walls so we can remember which outfit is ours, which accessories were matched with the outfit(:

And i want to thank Estique for doing my nails and hair for me the day before the competition! (:
Thanks Von and Melissa for the nice nice work! HEHE.

Always feel pampered! (:

People who are interested to visit them, do email me or leave a tag! (: Discounts for Zoe's readers! (:

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