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Loads of photos!

This is one random picture taken when i went to Best (the electrical store) to get Mom and Sis hair straighteners on Christmas Eve (:

No ordinary fridge! (:

Decorated with Swarovski crystals! I like!

Have been addicted to Holly Hoque lately!
Wore their top on Christmas eve, dress on Christmas day!
(you'll see)

Zoe on Christmas Eve:

Celebrated Christmas with them! (:
look at the cute dog. He's called Domo!

Super, hyper active! He comes to you if there's food. He rans three times faster if you want to touch him. He's a racist. He cant stop barking at Jun's Indian friend!

Snap shots of Zoe trying to get a photo with Domo!
Many shots... Many tries...

I think i dint manage to get a good picture of myself with Domo. So i grabbed two pictures from the owner's website! With Thanks! (:

After which,
We played the white elephant game. We had loads of laughter from this lah!
Jun explaining how the game is being played.
(Joanne had to leave early as she was not well. It's her idea to play this!)

So you see! Have worn holly hoque's dress on Christmas as well as to Chester's shoot! (:

They have yummlicious dresses and tops!


They have updated again again with;

Photobucket Holly Hoque

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