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It was Jing's birthday celebration yesterday! It's her 19th birthday.
Jing is the girl i really watched closely bloom into a beautiful girl.

Singapore Flyer's restaurant.
This place is good. They tie the flyer rides into their meal packages! (:

Some pictures with En before the birthday girl's arrival. HAHA!

(this is what she did when she sat down!)

Jing, she's the girl i really cared for, rook care of back in secondary school. She was really little then, but i can never forget that spicy mouth she has! Chilli padi was the name the guys would tag her! She's the girl who i always shared my food with, she was the girl i always had lunch with. Times werent easy for her then, and i remembered how i had to pay for her lunches. Of course, most willingly.

I mentioned, She was really little then. Then was the word. Today, she has outgrown me (in terms of height) She's beautiful now, so beautiful i try to recommend her to guy friends of mine. HAHA! She does events with me, photoshoots. How can i forget the times i always go to her place after school. The prank calls we would make, the cup noodles and the invasion of her brother's drawers. It was at her place where i learnt about IRC, MSN.

Hectic schedules, now that we are insimilar schools seemed to have drawn us apart. But, girl, im still looking forward to every meetup we are going to plan.

I'm so sorry i had to leave early yesterday. And thank you for understanding my plight. I love you.

Woots. Emo aside. Before i end this entry, i need to talk about this blogshop. NEED TO! They had kindly sponsored me clothes for Jing's birthday celebration. And when they learn that i'm having a shoot soon, they gave me more! (:

This is the piece i wore to Jing's.

And the corset lacey top i wore to the shoot! (:
It will really show off your curves!

And guess what, thats not all! They have JUST launched their new collection! (:

here's the sneak peek!

Do visit:
Photobucket Voguish Princess

Zoe just finished the car show at Kallang. Pictures up soon! Peggy, June, Desiree, Hannah, Mandy were all there as well! (:

Stay tuned.

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