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Did a carshow for Autohub at Kallang yesterday.

Slack job. But tiring cause of the scorching sun. It rained alot later, and Desiree and i camped inside one of the cars! HAHA!

(pictures from my phone)

She's Miss Chinatown. We finally got to worked together after so long!

Peggy, June and Jaslin were working for Fabulous! (:

1 out of 10 of the FHM babes! Belinda. Seeing her real soon! HEEHEE! (:

The many photographers. You take me, i take you stunt! HAHA

Toilet breaks.
The yogurt which tastes and feels like ice-cream to Desiree. HAHA

Autohub girls.

And yes, this was my outfit.

Frenchfleurs has just updated their webbie! Collection 11 is now out! Here are a few which Zoe handpicked. My picks!

Hit on picture to navigate to page (:
Photobucket French Fleurs

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