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Day 1. My favorite Disney Character!
Thanks A.
Day 2. My Ariel's friend. Now, she wont be lonely. Exact $9! (:

THERE! It's On my bed now! (:

After "zhua zhua", when for the shoot with joanna and new friend, Kit! (:

The place;

Jojo and i started Cam whoring when Kit was getting her make up done!

Backstage (:

A sneak! (:

Here are my girl and boy for Tangs, Christmas event! (:
Charlyene and Joseph Mohan

I couldnt resist. It's not everyday boys get makeup on!

Cute Chin-dian! Amelia's friend's boyf! For short, Huiling's boyf.
They are really compatible! (:

My gorgeous Angels!

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