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Yesterday, went to IKEA with Aunt's family. Yeah, the family im staying with now. Uncle wanted to get sister and i cupboards for our clothes! And beds cause he says pretty girls cant sleep in the living room! He gave up his bed space for me the night before! (:

Picked lil cousie from her modern jazz @ MGS primary and headed to Ikea. Lil cousie was hyper as per usual. Running everywhere. Insisted on getting a trolley but leaves it behind everytime she wants to run to somewhere else. Leaving the trolley with my bag together! Headache!

So today was just went to school with Aunt to settle her Admin stuff (She'll be teaching at SP this week onwards, still continuing at RP), Ikea, Mazda showroom with Uncle and back home to study! (:

On a lighter note, exams are in 12 days.
And i need to try to study in the day! (Zoe's brain starts only at nights!)

HAHA! Here's to end. How can Zoe not play too? Shes still a kid (at heart at least?)
So trying.

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