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Went for SG bikers week casting yesterday. (Thanks to Hannah dear)
More photos before i left the house!

Reached there promptly at 3pm since i wanted to get it over and done quickly to go back to mug! Clients were late, the other girls as well. HAHA! The place was so ULU, it was rather frightening to visit. I don't know if its due to the way i dressed, 3 guys asked if i was on FHM. Zoe is Anti-Bikini (still). I guessed its a compliment since sizzling Mandy, Cordelia and Hannah dear are regulars there!

Hannah invited many familiar faces as well. Belinda lim, Chaylene and Casse!
Only got the chance to snap a picture with Casse. Boo! =(

Finished the shoot at only 5pm and waited for quite sometime to flag a cab back to bt timah. My next paper is Monday, Organisational Behavior. Hopefully all goes well!

That's all! (:

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