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Tag Replies;

Cindy: Hello zoe! May i know where do u perm ur hair? its very natural. I like it =)
Hello dear, i perm it myself(: So its not permament. Clover hair salon @ Farest Plaza #03-12 does the same curls but permanently!

nick: not the 1st? as in? anyway i've linked u! =)
As in everyone also hit the enter more than once when they see that their tag has not been reflected! =)

passerby: hi! how did you find so many event jobs? seems like you have an endless list of event jobs waiting for you! thanks!
Hello! Thanks to girlfriends who always inform me of events!

passby: can u intro me the agents? i really need event coordinator asap.
Hey! I will inform you if they require any yea? (:

kerrie: u're a crazy gal
HEHE! You too lah girl! (:

Elaine Yuki: hello sweetie! how are you doing? hope you're doing good.take care and stay sweeeeeeeet! but not too sweet later ants bite. hahaha
Hey sweets, hope you are too! Did so many events last month, rest more okay!!!

BeL: eeeekK! i cannot stand u! ure so cute! muahhaha esp with the wig! buay tahan.
HAHA! It was like last year. Hows work? Congrats on the win for Maxim too! See you soon babe!!

nick: hey yo! im here again! yeah chester's a great photographer! never met him before but have always admired his works. =)
YEAH! He reads my blog, so he will be gleeing to see he's been appreciated too! HEHE! Right, Chester?

nick->Elaine: eee teacher spam other ppl's blog! =X oops i accidentally pressed enter. sry bout the last incomplete post. lol
Almost everyone tag more than once. My tag board is crazy! HAHA

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