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Here's an email i received and i feel its a responsibility to share it to my girls as well;
So here goes.

Dear friends,
Please forward this email to your girls friends or the one you care! This incident happen to me, myself and Joyce in real life! This is not a story making thingy! You can choose to forward or just simply ignore if you feel this is a joke!

This guy who named Jason Poh came message me in friendster:

KRING wrote:

I am very sincere and looking for a friend, and long-term relationship. I would describe myself as an ambitious, fun loving, energetic individual who believes in living life to the fullest. I am interested in finding someone to grow with, besides around the waist. I take great pride in my physical appearance. I am looking for a real friendship and love, fun and relationship and traveling and know its a little far away, but I am a nice and genuine. I am a good listener, passionate and have a good sense of humor, and confident and looking for someone to share my laughter, dreams and the joys of life and for fun if so. But if we share the same interests, u could send me a message anytime to know each other better!! Jason And if you dun my to Call me O sMs me, my Mobile is 82602728.


I choose not to contact him via phone as I don't even know who the hell he is. We only managed to exchange msn and chat online.

The 1st conversation online:

This guy keep asking me to be his girlfriend and he insisted to meet up (only the 2 of us and he don’t want other parties). He keep asking questions related to sex which I feel he is sick!

I rejected him nicely saying we can be friends and others we shall talk later. This guy is totally crazy! He keep saying he do not want to spent time understand a women being friends as he is looking for a GF/Wife.

I ignored his request and he demand me from deleting his email from my MSN but I cannot block him. (WTF?!)

I log off forgetting about what this crazy man said. Next day, he log in to msn and message threatening me that he will go to my friendster acct download all my pictures.

Below is the last conversation between me and him in msn before I blocked and delete him from my msn acct


KRING says (12:54 AM): Hi cheeBye you to deleted my email off form your msn why you didnt do that, you wan me to post your photo and email on the irc

KRING says (12:54 AM): you can dare me

KRING says (12:54 AM): i had just download all your photo from friendster

KRING just sent you a nudge.

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:57 AM): u r crazy

KRING says (12:57 AM): yah i am

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:57 AM): is not about the age but ur mentality

KRING says (12:57 AM): you wan to try

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:57 AM): so childish

KRING says (12:57 AM): you not the first woman like this

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:57 AM): no wonder u cant find a gf

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:58 AM): go ahead and do watever you u wan

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:58 AM): it dun reali bother me

KRING says (12:58 AM): my gf is better and slim then you

KRING says (12:58 AM): sure

KRING says (12:58 AM): you wan like this

KRING says (12:58 AM): i post your photo n email

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:58 AM): watever.. then u must be blind to msg me at first

KRING just sent you a nudge.

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:58 AM): thank you for helping me to advertise

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (12:58 AM): i can sure get better guys then u

KRING says (1:00 AM): i had post your photo n email on the classifed, u will get it v soon

KRING says (1:01 AM): and i know where you working, i will look for your boss

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (1:01 AM): watever

KRING says (1:01 AM): u love to challage me,

J.oY.c.E - ジョイス - says (1:01 AM): go to hell


I’ve blocked this person from my MSN and god, I’m lucky that I didn’t give him my phone number. I’m prepared that there will be some nuisance email coming to me. Please forward this email to all your friends that you care. There are too many crazy people and sex maniac online. Is always to be safe than sorry.

For your information:

Name: Jason Poh

Mobile: 82602728

Friendster profile:

His MSN address: (Is another girl profile in Friendster which I suspect is being scam by him, He also confess I’m not the 1st women like this via MSN)

Location: Staying at Hougang / Seng Kang area

Job: Some kind of building machines and technical stuff. (I didn’t bother to go remember!)

Babes, so do take care of urselves and do not release personal information easily!
Cant recognise him?


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