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Why is ZOE clad in such brilliant red?
Its not Chinese New Year. Not National Day. Neither is it Christmas!

its my
Grandma's 70th birthday on saturday.
Guests: 45 close relatives.

Location: Takashimaya's Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant
Food quality/taste: Yummy yummy YUMMY! =)

our 4 tables.
1 for kids ( I'm sitted there too. HEHE)
1 for immediate family
2 for grandma's siblings.

Guests pouring in.

Grandma's siblings.
(This explains why you see elderly people everywhere lah! HAHA)

the boys immersed in their conversation.

Here comes the food!
To start, the longevity buns.
(Grandpa says when you turn old, these buns acts as the birthday cake.)

duck wings

lettuce with eggs and fried pork.
(Roasted pork is another dish. hehe!)

Shark's fin.
Separated. For people who would prefer to have the utmost best taste of the fins=)

lil cousin with a wine glass filled with, eh. TEA!
He went around tricking the adults and they were tricked for a second. HAHA

Abalone with brocoli. Everyone's favourite it seemed. =)

Taken during the Toilet break. HAHA!

super soft and tender fish

Mayo prawns.

Goose! If you love eating crispy skin, you HAVE to try this!!!!

This is my favourite since childhood days.!
i remember my trip to HK years back. Every morning i would buy from a resturant opposite my hotel. Every evening, before returning to the hotel to sleep, i would buy again! For the 5days! HAHA.

Fruits! i love the mango.

(Chinese version of kueh lapis!)
salted egg pastry.

getting into positions. HAA
the 9 grandchildren
the family portrait=)

So now you know why Red?
Red signifies

Sin, guilt, passion and anger,

Courage and sacrifice,


In traditions,
Red denotes Good luck. Grandma sees the color as a symbol of life and health.
I love my grandma. I want everything smooth and well for her. She still has to see her grandchildren through their weddings and off-springs!

I love you, Ah ma.

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Marquis_De_Sade said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh...... the simple joy of gorgeous food. Missed that.