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Went for dinner with classmates on thursday. Tommy treated teppanyaki, charles (and the others) treated starbucks. Yummy Yumyum! Thanks guys. I had to be home by 10. So they were all so nice to say, let's dine at Tampines then. =)

So here are the pictures to thursday!

tommy chef wanted this picture to be taken!

randell and tommy.

Van and i=)

The real chef .

Loads of mushrooms!!!

Ive changed the color of my hair is you were to realize! And cut my fringe shorter as well! Clover is really experienced in introducing colors and hairstyles to suit individuals! Sandra, my diploma classmate had her hair done there just last week!

CUT. REBOND. HIGHLIGHT. TREATMENT= $200 PLUS 10 percent off total bill
Call Von @ 92995052 to book an appt for a fresher look!

One More Try.

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