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Zoe Raymond|Fitness & Yoga|Beauty & Fashion

Credits to Lime photog.

BOO! Just home from day 1 of GCA! Wini, a beautiful lady in charge of us let us off an hour early.

Zoe is working for Nokia in EA. Meaning me, along with another 2 girls are the only 3 representing Nokia there=)

Who: Yvonne from Boat Asia 2008 and Junne Bestie!
Our outfit: EA GOLD and BLACK TEE with Jeans and Pumps. Boring? Its comfy and I still felt cold in it. Had abit of flu even with a jacket strapped on tightly! Blessing in disguise?

To some people; simplicity doesnt mean LOW pay. Im sure im paid much more than you. BOO!

Off to my projects.

Before i go!
Hugs and kisses to Kerrie and Kerlyn. Aiya, Van and Rachel AND Eve sending my love as well! HEHE!

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