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Zoe and Regine.
Zoe's very first event (SEPT 07)
Zoe's very first time meeting Regine.

Almost one year later...

Make up @ Mediacorp after realising that we joined the very same competition!

We held onto one another through our

-very bad chinese to our many laughters and crazyness.

All the way to the finals of Giant Stars 2008 just weeks back.






And that's why...

When i was sleeping when i received a sms from Adrian this morning.

With the contents;

" Zoe, Regine join F1 Ah? Shes on today's straits times. Very pretty leh!"

I woke up immediately and went to straight to get the papers. Flipped through the LIFE section, Main Board THEN FINALLY Home section. And there, I SEE my pretty girlfriend! =)

Regine Tang, She withhold the chance to be the ultimate winner of $20,000.
(I think i love her more now! HAHA!)

I secretly think that Regine's the most outstanding (at least from this picture). HEHE

Okay, Regine aside, (HEHE)

Presenting Zoe's new shades from Tangs yesterday!

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