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Unglam emi and i poring into smitten magazine while waiting for class to commerce.
and again.
cameras dont get to rest even when we are in the ladies!

She's In, and In has a cute CUTE best friend!

Im really listening when In snapped this.
Emi is really paying attention when i captured this!


Met emi and in for project early today. Brought them around school as well, since they are new in the SIM campus. We had megabites sandwiches. AND, i embarrassed myself. I was totally not unaware that the Games room has been replaced, transformed into a Gym! (Still G letter starting but Gym only attracts the boys in school!) AND, there goes the pool tables=(

Projects deadlines are nearing. And i haven started anything.

Vanessa, HELP!!!

Emi, i went to 2nd floor's mini cafe to find the drink i promised. But it was out of stock there. Sorry. LOVE yeah too!

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Melissa said...

Hi babe! THanks for dropping a post. Interesting blog u have :) How have u been sweets?


All's good! Just realised you have done so many adverts! WOW! =)

xiaobaobei said...

oh god.. lol.. how u manage to take so many snapshots during lecture without anybody noticing??


HAHA! I have no idea how? Practice makes perfect? LOL!