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My Sprained wrist=(

Headed to Jurong from school for comex casting yesterday. With a banaged wrist. I know, its super super ugly. But haven got a choice. Its either try and i might get the job. Or dont try and dont get the job!

Peggy dear and Sharifah got their jobs ON THE SPOT! They dont even have to talk. Thats how good they just like! I cant stand Peggy! She was in jeans and sleeved off shoulders! Practically no make up with her usual head band! No fair, Miss Hey Gorgeous, Miss Singapore finalist, TNPNF finalist!!!! Always looking great LAH! Same to Sharifah, of course!

Who else?
Elaine and Hannah!

she wants to kiss me.
(and smell my hair cause she said it has a nice smell! )HAHA.
No kidding that she said that. But for this picture i think she's supposed to be kissing me.

YES! Our super cute and pixie face Elaine, hot Hannah were there too! HAHA.

Back to projects!

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