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blurry pictures seem nice too heh

Today is an advanced celebration for my little cousin. Hee. Not so little actually. His birthday lands on the same day as En, 3rd August. Headed for lunch at Popeye located @ T3. Taste just like KFC. HAHA! Maybe not much of a fried chicken person to differentiate.
Well well, Chicken and biscuits, they say right. Chicken, yes have. Biscuits, they served bread. Is it in some country that bread is considered biscuits? Anyone who knows, do let me know ok!

Brandon's 10th birthday
Yummy Carrot Cake!

This is the last post which you will see my till-end-of-spine-hair. Headed to Clover to have my hair trimmed. Now it barely hits on bra buckle. Yes still long. But i cant do curls for sometime =(

Well well, Bye bye split ends (at least)

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