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Zoe Raymond|Fitness & Yoga|Beauty & Fashion

Zoe's making a decision.

and oohh. Saw Peggy and June the other day at bugis. June was buying something from Prudential. Rich girl lah! Peggy! Forgot to take photos!=(

AND, Zoe's on this month's (July) photo videoi magazine. Datson sent in our photos for critics. HAHA! Lil jorene saw it so fast, i was wondering since when would girls read photography magazines! =) Sweets.

meanwhile, some photos ive received=)

lfi pageant 2008. (Esther is Miss beautiful smile! i adore her lah. Know her only a few days, she even came to support me at MCorp! )

Credits to Danny

& i kinda miss my old hair=(

Not forgetting something very very important, thats TODAY!

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ZONIA. my lil sister. Always being bullied by me (wait, shes also starting to bully me back! DAMN)

tata for now!

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