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Zoe & Elle @Pantene casting.

4days of casting! We could imagine the no. of girls making their way down! AND Pantene only wants 8 girls. Good, very good money. Oh, i wish! =)

(click for more info, on the left side of my bloggie as well!)

Went to Clover to wash, treatment and straightened my hair before cabbing with my stylist to Kallang. The rain today is so terrible, cabbing around seems like the only resort.
Cab=money flies. (HAHA)

Pantene on Giant stars






Cabbed with Elle to Tampines Mall for dinner. Then headed to LFI to collect my complimentary product (worth $240) from LFI pageant 2008!

will let you know if it works! HEHE
(even though people i know who use claimed effective, very effective. 1Cup increase!)

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