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pretty emi=)

hehe! emi made my day after i read her blog.

"Okay.. Firstly. ZOE RAYMOND TAN, thank you. She is one of the sweetest girl you will ever ever meet. For reasons she knows why.. :)"
aww. so sweet!

I haven been long in the events line. But i already have people who are unhappy with how i do things.

i get upset. i get worried. i want people who know me and heard about me to have something nice for me. Time after time, i realised its not gonna be easy to want something this perfect. There are things like " listening from the mouths of another."

Something which i dont rely on.

At grooming class last week, Genecia got us to think of something that made me really happy. The very first thing that came to mind was my first event experience, last september. The girls and boys from Nokia. Dave's girls and boys. Regine, Cherlyn, Celeste, Emi and Claire. Spike and Juan.

Everyone was real. No hidden feelings.
Its something which you can feel.

i miss

*on a lighter note, my -castings going- paid off. Clinched something after going for 2 castings. BBC tvc tomorrow morning=) zoe's happy!

& Happy Birthday KY and ZY =)

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