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Zoe Raymond|Fitness & Yoga|Beauty & Fashion

the mrs category contestants.
Esther! ( you owe me MANY pictures)
Cheryl and i without tinge of makeup! OOPS!

Miss photogenic=)


our winner is: Top row, 2nd from left. MELISSA=)

Ciccy is my bestie at the pageant=)
someone nice dropped by=)

LFI pageant 2008 finally wrapped up=)
& Zoe din get any awards=( sob sob. HAHA! but in turn, she had loads of fun and many new pretty friends!!! (Can it be considered a prize as well?)

Congrats to Melissa who got the title. WEE!!!! Cheryl for being 1st runner up & Pei Pei for 2nd runner up! Cordelia got Miss photogenic, yes!!! again after her GND (power smile lah!) whereas Ciccy got Miss Personality (Babe ah, i will smack you if you keep whining, i got NOTHING hor!!!! haha)

Sean sent me this sweet and encouraging text yesterday:
Really enjoyed ur performance last evening. U were gorgeous! I receieved many feedback & To many of us, u were our winning choice. tough challenge though. Very proud to have u in my pageant! Hope u enjoyed the experience!

its really so sweet to have people who believe in me and like how i did at the pageant. When the final 8 was being revealed. I heard audience calling out my number ( sorry if i disappoint, BUT there are too many gorgeous-er babes! hehe) i felt oh boy, there are people who apprecaites me. Cause many of us dont have any supporter friends present for us.

Thank you.



Giant stars were invited to be judges for the YOU ARE THE ONE finals last night. The girls and boys got separated! Cause the show had a PK between the girl campion and guy champion. Germaine, F3. My primary school classmate.

GOSH, I remember how bad our chinese was. Now that she has improved so much, it makes me feel i can do it too. ( i remember my chinese was still better than her at school!!! HAHA)

Germaine still looks very much the same as our school days. That wide smile with the tini bitsy cute dimple, un-mistakable. Shes a winner in the hearts of many, with her confidence and smile. P/s: Germaine, still, dont write my name in red ink! HA

the end

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